A wealthy couple’s son is going to college soon. The mom is about to lose her childhood house. So, she starts going out with their shy and private son. Although he’s proving more challenging than she expected, she has little time left before she loses everything. No Hard Feeling is a sexy movie from Craigslist. The film’s writers and producers jam-packed it with hilarious jokes about sex, wordplay, and absurd circumstances.

Unfortunately, the movie’s best and most thrilling scenes were previously featured in the advertising. However, they provide enough amusement when viewed in the context of the charming and humorous exchange between a gorgeous woman and a young man who is completely illiterate and unable to tell the difference between an ordinary iced tea and a Long Island one.


Uber driver Maddie’s life is packed with difficulties. She recently had her possessions, including her car, taken by the court because she is insolvent. When all seems lost, she notices a Craigslist advertisement. Before starting college, Laird and Allison Becker’s shy 19-year-old son, Percy, is looking for a date. For this unusual employment, Maddie will receive a brand-new Buick Regal as compensation.

It is common for older women to date men who are much younger. But “No Hard Feelings”, in particular, explains why they want to be together. Watching how people would react if men performed male tasks and women completed female jobs would be interesting. This comedy features several scenes of people having sex and is humorous. It resembles the films that were popular in the 1990s in specific ways. It challenges what people think is acceptable.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie, an Uber driver whose car was taken away and now struggling financially. Even though it’s different from what she usually does, Lawrence does a great job in the movie by being funny and cute, which makes it entertaining and innocent.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Andrew Barth Feldman perfectly complements Sarah with his youthful sensitivity and nerdiness, resulting in a delightful on-screen dynamic. Even if not all of the coming-of-age gags in the movie are successful, the film is full of genuinely entertaining humour. However, the overall experience is a wild journey that challenges gender stereotypes. Thus, the movie has been rated 2.5 stars out of 5.

The movie’s director was Gene Stupnitsky. Producing credits include Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, and others. Jennifer Lawrence, Justine Ciarrocchi, and Naomi Odenkirk are the stars of it. It becomes available on June 23, 2023. It will probably premiere on Netflix around October 2023

Written By : Indori Nerd

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