With the winner decided, the long-anticipated “Battle of the Trash Heap” between Karasuno and Nekoma finally takes place, fulfilling the promise made by coaches Ukai and Nekomata. Both teams, acknowledging each other as worthy opponents and friends, shake hands before turning their attention to the ongoing match featuring Fukurōdani.

The storyline shines with a focus on Kenma (voiced by Yûki Kaji) and his unique perspective. Despite being a central figure in the arc alongside Hinata (voiced by Ayumu Murase), Kenma is indifferent to the outcome of the matches. He prefers staying indoors playing video games over the physical demands of volleyball. This distinct point of view adds a refreshing angle to the narrative, diverging from the usual intensity portrayed in “Haikyuu!!”


As “The Dumpster Battle” commences, fans from Nekoma High School cheer passionately for their team. On the Karasuno side, Daichi motivates his teammates by urging them to forget past defeats and focus on winning. Both team captains express their resolve to claim victory, setting the stage for the eagerly awaited match.

The game kicks off with Kageyama delivering a well-placed serve, which Kai skillfully receives and spikes back. Kenma quickly sets up a fastball to Lev, prompting Karasuno to form a two-man block that forces Lev to aim straight. Nishinoya makes a remarkable save, allowing Kageyama to set a high toss for Tanaka. Facing two blockers, Tanaka opts for a super inner cross spike. Yamamoto manages to dig the ball, but it lands too close to the net for a follow-up spike.

A brief montage captures key moments: Hinata’s first encounter with Kenma, Karasuno’s early struggles against Nekoma, and Kenma’s casual response when Hinata asks about his passion for volleyball. Determined to make Kenma love the game, Hinata directs a powerful spike at him, earning Karasuno the first point with a fierce move that even the commentators struggle to follow.

The film highlights Kenma’s strategic approach to volleyball, showcasing his thoughtful and tactical play. Production I.G.’s animation is mostly exceptional, characterized by fluid and dynamic sequences.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Overall, “Haikyuu!!” continues to stand out as an excellent series. While it may not reach the peaks of season 3, it remains strong with well-developed characters and an engaging plot. The audience’s positive reaction, marked by laughter, cheers, and even a few sneezes, indicates its enjoyable nature. Thus, the movie earns a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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