God’s Father is about Brahma (Chiranjeevi) the troop behind the governing party. As the official chief minister of PKR dies, the fight starts within the group for the next Chief Minister position. Powerful contenders for the next CM position are PKR’s daughter Jaya Dev (Satya Dev) Satya Sri (Nayanatara) and Home minister Verma (Murali Sharma). Brahma’s motive is to protect the JJParty and CKR’s daughter. The rest of the picture is how Brahma and his rivals plan to take control of the state.


God Father is a political thriller movie. The movie has stayed true to the original Malayalam version of Lucifer. The director made a few changes to improve the boldness of Chiranjeevi and as the film also stars Salman Khan, so few more modifications have been made.

Right from the start, the narration is clapping and Mohan Raja made it charming with his script and advice. He got the best from all the stars and the entrance of Salman Khan heightens the excitement. This sets the climate for the interesting second half.

God Father Movie starts with intense political drama and family disputes around the chief minister’s family. Chiranjeevi is defined as a creator and named after the same creator God Brahma. Chiranjeevi is the hidden force behind the chief minister PKR family.

After PKR’s death, PKR’s son-in-law Jaya dev tries to become chief minister. The relationship between PKR and Brahma has been established emotionally. The Dubai mafia support Brahma, Masoombhai( Salman Khan) thread, and worldwide mafia dons’ meeting.

Nayanthara made it count with her action. She got only a limited number of scenes in the first half but she made influenced by her screen existence in the second half.

PKR’s daughter Satya Sri (Nayanatara ) is unfamiliar with her husband Jaya Dev’s dark side. Chiranjeevi’s Brahma characterization is a mixed bag. While it suits his age.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan Fights against, the villain Chiranjeevi and is shown walking behind Salman under his protection. Script wise this approach is absolutely fine but might be negative with core masses.

Overall, director Mohan Raja did a good job in equalizing the remake and customizing it for the Telugu audience. Konidela Pro production values are satisfactory, but the VFX work is poor.

The movie deserves 3.8 stars out of 5. The movie was a satisfactory one. The movie arose successfully in surviving true to the original. Even the subtle modifications made to the original version added value to the remake.

The movie is directed by Mohan Raja and produced by Ram Charan, N.V . Prasad, and R. B. Choudary. It is streaming on Netflix.

SS Thaman provides a flashy and mass-appealing background score for Godfather. Nirav Shah’s Cinematography is decent. Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is proper.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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