Babil Khan’s movie “Friday Night Plan” offers a novel perspective on the spontaneity and self-discovery of youth. As he takes a bunch of pals on an impetuous journey one Friday night, Babil Khan gives a standout performance. His portrayal perfectly embodies the spirit of unfettered energy and true emotion, which makes his character likable and charming.

The plot centers on two school-aged brothers who attend the “hottest” party of the academic year before their mother, which is portrayed by Juhi Chawla, returns from a business trip. However, the exciting night also results in many self-realisations and private confessions.


The scene takes place when a single mother leaves her two teenage sons home alone with access to her car keys. Friday Night Plan, written by Vatsal Neelakantan and Sapan Verma, is structured similarly to a standard American high school comedy (like Project X).

Wake up, play football, dance in the shower, repeat is sort of how Sid (Babil Khan) spends his time. He is the head of the household and is irritated by his careless younger brother Adi (Amrith Jayan). Sid, though, is the nerd in school.

Up to their mother’s (Juhi Chawla) announcement that she must leave for an overnight business trip, everything is as usual. Sid is left in charge of the house with his naive brother. Sid and Adi argue all the time. Adi is as annoyed with Sid’s hesitation, lack of confidence, and inflexibility as Sid is with Adi’s carelessness and general presence.

But the brothers have an opportunity to make this Friday unique thanks to a startling occurrence. Adi’s enthusiasm convinces Sid, who is initially apprehensive, that he should take advantage of his first invitation to the school’s fabled “Friday Night Plan” party.

On the surface, Friday Night Plan appears to be the tale of one day and one night in the life of these adolescents, complete with bullies, jocks, graduation, first love, rivalry, and secrecy—all commonplaces of high school. Beyond the supporting structure, this is a tale of two brothers coming of age as they discover how to accept their differences and form a friendship.

Rating: 3.5/5

The most touching and relevant scenes are those that capture the internal family conflict, whether they include Sid and Jai or Natasha and her younger sister Nitya (Aadhya Anand).

The high school scenarios, on the other hand, seem less anchored and derivative. The Friday night party features competitive young people and drinking games like beer pong that are typical of American comedies. The film gets 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

The 108-minute Hindi film, which is unmistakably targeted towards teenagers and young adults, is carried by the connection between the two young lead actors.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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