In Kohinoor Airlines, under the leadership of Chairman Vijay Walia (portrayed by Saswata Chatterjee), the cabin crew comprises Geetha Sethi (played by Tabu), Jasmine (enacted by Kareena Kapoor), and Divya Rana (embodied by Kriti Sanon). It’s futile to speculate on the targets of the creators’ satire. Despite the impending bankruptcy of the airline, Rajesh Sharma, the HR director and Walia’s trusted aide, offers reassurance to the staff, insisting that all is well.

Meanwhile, the employees grapple with financial hardships, grappling with mounting debts and frozen assets. Meeting rent deadlines becomes a Herculean task. It’s at this juncture that the three women stumble upon a golden opportunity, quite literally. They concoct a plan to smuggle the gold, envisioning a path to financial security and a life of luxury.


The narrative of the film maintains its delicate balance with clever editing and a looping background score, enhancing the portrayal of three strong women enjoying themselves. Filmmaker Rajesh Krishnan has crafted a comedy that not only celebrates women’s empowerment but also sparks thoughtful reflection. Geeta, Jasmine, and Divya emerge as complex and diverse characters, navigating the same challenges as other women in life and career.

The performances in the film elevate it to a new echelon. The trio of leads executes the well-timed comedy with brilliance, each leaving a distinct mark. Tabu, as the lead, showcases why she’s regarded as one of the finest in the industry, despite some weaknesses in character development. Kareena Kapoor, portraying Jasmine, exudes effortless charm and isn’t afraid to tread morally ambiguous paths for financial gain. Kriti Sanon, the youngest and least experienced of the trio, impresses with her portrayal of a morally upright woman grappling with personal struggles.

The first half of the movie sails smoothly, delivering a fantastic and breezy experience. Although the second half encounters some turbulence and a slightly rough landing, the skillful pilots manage to guide the aircraft to a safe touchdown, ensuring a pleasant flight overall.

Rating: 3/5

This film transcends the typical heist genre, delving into themes of embracing life and the bonds of female friendship. The camaraderie between the three stars is palpable, showcasing their genuine enjoyment of working together without any ego clashes on set. “The movie offers a delightful escape, where viewers can simply sit back and enjoy a hearty laugh without the need for deep contemplation. Its heartfelt celebration of female friendships and contagious laughter make it a worthwhile watch. This film earns a solid three out of five stars.”

Written By : Indori Nerd

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