In this film, KP, a desperate game designer, encounters a cursed dream catcher that transports him to a haunted mansion in 1930. Despite being able to return to reality, the events in the mansion leave a lasting impact, prompting KP to confront the nightmare and reclaim his life.

Director Selvin Raj Xavier turns this premise into a humorous horror comedy, featuring a cast of funny characters who inject well-timed jokes into every scene. Notable additions include Redin Kingsley as a struggling psychiatrist, Anandaraj as the relentless Devil Armstrong, and Nasser with Regina Cassandra as serious exorcists.

“Conjuring Kannappan” presents a captivating premise that will resonate with horror film enthusiasts, offering a highly imaginative twist. Unlike typical horror settings, the characters find themselves trapped not in the real world but within a dream realm, contending with ghosts until they wake up. The film stars Sathish and Regina Cassandra, alongside an ensemble of international actors.

After falling victim to a mysterious device, the characters navigate a dreamlike dimension, striving to acquire a key that holds the power to break the spell. The film’s mesmerizing visuals and seamless editing are crafted by S. Yuva and Pradeep E Ragav, while Maestro Yuvan Shankar Raja elevates the experience with enchanting melodies in the soundtrack and background score. Vishnu Edavann and Vignesh Ramakrishna contribute to the film’s lyrical richness, while Mohana Mahendran and Miracle Michael bring their artistic flair and action prowess to the forefront.

While the comedy manages to be amusing, the horror aspect falls into a somewhat predictable pattern, relying on a series of jump scares that lose their effectiveness after the third or fourth occurrence. It seems like the filmmaker settled for the first idea that came to mind. As a result, the movie remains an entertaining but forgettable distraction, fading from memory long after its conclusion. The overall rating for this film stands at 2.5 stars out of 5.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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