At the beginning of this episode, to save the other Citadel detect Carter, played by Osy Ikhile, Madden’s Mason and Chopra’s Nadia must first enter a Manticore prison located in Morocco. However, when they reunite with Carter, things turn when he discovers who his rescuers are, and he doesn’t seem too pleased.

The episode then cuts to a flashback when Mason and Nadia worked together in the
Citadel’s glory days before it was destroyed, as seen in episode 1, resulting in the return of Ashleigh Cummings’ Abby Conroy, who we previously saw as Mason’s wife and who also turns out to be the Citadel’s murderer.

It immediately becomes apparent, though, that Abby was originally a spy for Citadel, sent to create a romantic attachment with Miller’s character to win his trust and learn what Manticore was up to. She was also assigned to find a vital key, but more on that later.

However, one of the major surprises and surprises is that Mason was using Abby as a proxy for none but Nadia. It was unexpected at the time because everything seemed to point to Mason as the offender. The brief reason is that Nadia might have been a mole previously and a significant player in Citadel’s demise. Nadia is shown to have done some dirty spy stuff with the key that the entire Citadel seeks.

One word best defines the entire scene: AWESOME!!! Long non-dialogue action scenes like this can often be difficult to miss. However, witnessing Chopra practically boot a knife into a bad guy’s throat in the first season of Citadel will likely be an unforgettable memory for most action enthusiasts.

It may get boring not understanding what’s happening. Still, this story is about some highly intricate spy espionage, so being in the dark should be anticipated for a show like this.

In conclusion, Citadel’s fourth episode of the first season begins quickly, slows down for a while, and is undoubtedly more of a filler episode, which is necessary for a plot like this. The wonderfully created twists and turns will keep you watching until the finish.

Even more, than how the ends of the previous three episodes leave you feeling, you will be left at the conclusion with a strong desire for the following episode.

The fourth episode of Citadel’s first season is a thrilling and unexpected ride that will
leave you craving more information because, despite all the surprises, there is still much more to learn. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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