Nadia transports Mason to a Citadel safe house beginning in Caceres, Spain. The two hook up after she removes a gunshot from Mason’s shoulder, and they discuss their long time apart. Mason’s wedding band is apparent to Nadia. He mentions his wife Abby and son Hendrix.

Mason is curious to learn more about himself and his history with Nadia. She is hesitant to delve more but acknowledges that they had a brief romance. Then a flashback sequence showing how these two first met is shown to the audience.

Utah is ten years earlier. Mason is handed his most recent task in the hidden Citadel headquarters. Before a virus created by humans is unleashed into the general public, he must get it.

Enemy forces are surrounding Mason at the base of the mountain range. Nadia is one of them, and she operates very covertly. They use a helicopter to flee together. Mason walks in, thanking Nadia for protecting his life when he returns to base. The two spies are flirting with one another and have only been officially acquainted, but some significant chemistry already exists between them. In Paris, two weeks later, they are becoming even more accustomed to one another.

Presently, Bernard is tortured by Dahlia’s followers while Nadia delivers a message to an unidentified ally. Citadel’s AI system is in Dahlia’s possession, but a 19-digit password blocks them. They could access the precise locations of all the nuclear facilities, but Bernard won’t divulge the password.

When Nadia searches the case for any more agents, she discovers emails from Carter Spence. After the Citadel was destroyed, Manticore went after him. He was last seen in Fez, Morocco. Nadia wants Mason to assist her in breaking into the base to gather more information since she fears that Carter is being tormented there.

Mason meets Balduino, a crime boss from Portugal, in Morocco. Nadia takes information from Balduino’s phone using a clever device, specifically Mason’s lighter. Their strategy succeeds, but Balduino metaphorically gets into Mason’s skull. He thinks Nadia was the saboteur who initially assisted Manticore in bringing down the Citadel. Mason then questions Nadia. She contests the charges.

To convince Anders that the villain’s ex-girlfriend is still alive, Bernard asks for his phone as the show ends. Anders provides the phone, and Bernard displays a picture of Mason and his family to him. It appears that Mason’s wife, Abby Conroy is Anders’ ex-wife. She was still living when Anders believed she had passed away.

Another agent whose memories were erased was Abby. She explained the situation to Jo by claiming she met Mason at a facility for patients recovering from memory loss. Bernard says that if Anders frees him first, he can bring him to Abby and then tell him everything. To know what’s next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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