In “Captain Miller,” Dhanush takes center stage, showcasing his prowess in both action and emotions. The collaboration between Dhanush, the highest-rated actor of the current generation, and critically acclaimed director Arun Mathewsaran has led to the creation of a period action drama. The question remains: does this dynamic duo live up to the sky-high expectations set for “Captain Miller”?

The story unfolds in pre-Independence India, with an elderly woman (Viji Chandrasekhar) prophesying to her underprivileged fellow villagers that their deity will one day liberate them. The narrative then shifts to the capture of dacoit leader Kannaiyan (Elangovan) by the British, who betrays “Captain Miller” (Dhanush). Kannaiyan recounts the tale of how an ordinary villager named Eesan became the feared “Captain Miller.”


“Captain Miller” proves to be another jewel in Dhanush’s crown, living up to his reputation as Nadippu Asuran. From falling in love with Princess Velmathi (Priyanka Mohan) and losing her instantly to donning the military uniform with pride, Dhanush keeps his fans spellbound throughout.

Kannada superstar Shivarajkumar delivers a charismatic performance as the people’s champion, Sengol, even though his screen time is limited. Sundar Kishan appears as a Muslim soldier, providing a goosebump-inducing moment in the climax.

The film’s core theme, highlighting the denial of entry to those who built temples for their deities, strikes a chord. The satisfaction derived from watching them force their way in thanks to the hero resonates with the ongoing debate on this issue. Some impactful dialogues, particularly those by Arun Mathewsaran and Madan Karki, address social inequalities, with Dhanush pointing out that even after gaining independence from the British, the so-called lower castes may remain slaves to the upper class.

The film authentically captures the inhumanity of the British during the “Quit India” movement massacre. Dhanush’s ever-transforming character adds depth to the narration. However, the lack of a powerful villain weakens the screenplay, as it becomes evident that Miller will triumph in every battle, causing a decline in interest after a certain point.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dhanush’s entry also injects the film with some heroic moments, showcasing his commercial aesthetics. Thus, “Captain Miller” deserves a commendable rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. As reported by OTTPlay, the movie will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

G.V. Prakash Kumar’s music and Siddhartha Nuni’s contributions complete the cinematic experience.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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