In the heart of a remote borderland between Pakistan and India, lies the tale of Gama (played by Dev Kharoud), a young man hailing from a quaint town. As he navigates the rugged terrains of life, Gama evolves into a formidable figure in the world of smuggling and mafia, carving out a powerful presence even amidst the bustling cities.

“Blackia 2” finds its narrative penned by none other than Dev Kharoud himself. The film delves into the clandestine world of those who clandestinely ferry gold across border regions, redistributing it throughout India. Amidst the shadows of this illicit trade, the story also unveils the innate kindness and empathy that dwell within the hearts of the ‘Blackies’, shedding light on their compassion towards the underprivileged.

Driven by a singular ambition to amass wealth and uplift his fellow countrymen, Gama’s journey is one of grit, determination, and the relentless pursuit of success. His quest not only reflects the intricacies of the underworld but also resonates with the aspirations of a populace yearning for prosperity.


Dev Kharoud has once again captured our hearts with his riveting performances in action-packed movies, and “Blackia” stands out among them. Now, with the release of its sequel, fans are treated to another thrilling installment that doesn’t disappoint. Directed by the talented Navniat Singh, “Blackia 2” showcases his adept filmmaking skills, elevating the overall experience.

The synergy between Dev Kharoud’s acting prowess and Himmat Sandhu’s soul-stirring vocals creates an unmatched and potent combination. Set in the Punjabi backdrop, this action crime thriller takes viewers on a tumultuous journey as an ambitious smuggler navigates through betrayal and tragedy in his quest for dominance in the underground market. While the scenes of violence are stylized, they retain a raw intensity that may be graphic for some audiences.

Dev Kharoud delivers a stellar portrayal of Gama, effectively embodying the multifaceted layers of his character. Japji Khaira’s captivating performance breathes life into her role, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Samuel John’s consistent excellence in portraying diverse characters adds depth to the ensemble cast.

The plot of “Blackia 2” is intricately woven, revolving around Gama, a renowned Blackia from Punjab, who utilizes his cunning to carry out benevolent deeds for the people. Additionally, the narrative delves into Gama’s quest for vengeance against his paternal uncle Daulat, the perpetrator behind his parents’ tragic demise. With its blend of excitement and suspense, the storyline keeps audiences engaged from start to finish.

Throughout the film, his presence on screen is significant. Raj Singh Jhinjer also deserves commendation for his achievements. Paramveer, portraying Daulta, delivers an outstanding performance, earning recognition as the standout actor. Together, they form a dynamic ensemble, making the movie an enjoyable experience.

The meticulously crafted plot captivates audiences, generating excitement in theaters. Dev’s portrayal of a robust character adds to the thrill, making it a must-watch for action movie enthusiasts. Overall, it’s a genuine delight for fans.

Rating: 2.5/5

Written By : Indori Nerd

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