SR Rathod, a newly promoted sub-inspector in Anjanipur, discovers that chaos reigns supreme in every aspect of his life—his bike constantly malfunctions, luck evades him, and even the lights in his office flicker ominously. Meanwhile, Raghlo, a petty criminal driven by desperate circumstances, embarks on a daring scheme: the grandest heist of his criminal career, all in a bid to secure a future for his daughters and himself. In a brazen act, he steals Rathod’s prized medals, firearms, and uniforms.

Caught in the crosshairs of fate, Chhanalal, the influential figure in the community, harbors Raghlo, not out of goodwill but with a calculated intent to seek revenge. The situation escalates when Rathod’s superiors, oblivious to the theft, demand his firearm for the upcoming Republic Day procession, plunging Rathod into a state of utter confusion and jeopardy.

Determined to salvage his reputation and reclaim his stolen possessions, Rathod embarks on a relentless quest to apprehend the thief. With an eclectic team at his disposal and the support of a level-headed senior officer, Rathod navigates through the labyrinth of deceit and treachery in pursuit of justice.


“Kamthaan” is a captivating game of cat and mouse inspired by Ashwini Bhatt’s novel, featuring Dhrunad Kamble, Abhishek Shah, and a talented ensemble cast. The film’s narrative takes its time to unfold in the first half, setting the stage for the thrilling chase that follows, filled with compelling performances, gripping scenes, and memorable songs.

Mehul Surti’s masterful soundtrack and background design emerge as unsung heroes, enhancing every moment, be it poignant or light-hearted. Hitu Kanodia’s portrayal of the resolute police officer SR Rathod commands attention with his piercing gaze, while Sanjay Goradia and Arvind Vaidya deliver nostalgic performances as Raghlo and Chhanalal, respectively.

Darshan Jariwalla remains as convincing as ever in his role as the top constable, while Shilpa Thakar captivates audiences with her wit and authority as Panni Foi. Deep Vaidya impresses with impeccable comic timing, leaving a lasting impact with every line.

Directed by Dhrunad Gautam Kamlesh, this Gujarati film offers a blend of humor and depth, revolving around a criminal’s attempt to escape after a robbery, exploring themes of redemption and second chances. As the thief grapples with remorse and introspection, the film delivers a poignant yet humorous message about personal growth and self-realization.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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