“What the hell just rolled into Margrave?”
The episode begins with Jack Reacher enraged and vengeful over the murder of his brother, Joe. Officer Finlay asks Officer Roscoe to keep an eye on him and ensure he doesn’t act out. Reacher figures out that Roscoe is following him, and they both decide to visit banker Paul Hubble’s house to question him about his false confession of murdering Joe. On reaching, they’re greeted by Hubble’s wife, Charlene, who mentions that Paul will be out late. Making the excuse of using the washroom, Reacher snoops around Hubble’s stuff to find a seed locally known as “hitchhiker” on Hubble’s shoes which is unlikely for a man who works in an office. Reacher also figures out that Hubble is either on the run or is already killed by the crime ring behind all of this. On his way to a motel, Reacher fights four boys paid to beat him up, witnessed by Roscoe, who, as per instructions, staked him out all night.

Next morning, Police Chief Edward Morrison and his wife are found murdered at his own house in the same brutal fashion as Hubble mentioned he was threatened by the crime ring to Reacher, back in custody. Reacher deduces that the same guys who killed Joe did this one too. Roscoe and Reacher visit Charlene and find out that Hubble never made it back home as Finlay attends an emergency town hall meeting where Grover Teale, Margrave’s corrupt mayor, declares himself interim police chief and ensures the people that justice will be served.

Finlay arranges for protective custody for Hubble’s wife and kids with the help of an FBI agent and old friend, Picard. Reacher leaves to meet the corrupt prison guard Spivey to know who’s after all this actually, but it turns out to be a setup. Spivey has two guys waiting to take care of Reacher, but we know by now Reacher to be the one who takes care. As things escalate, the Georgia State Police arrive, and Reacher flees the scene. He figures out the guys who attacked him were part of the South American Military by their moves. Going by Reacher’s unpredictable and self-confident nature, Finlay asks Roscoe to tail him again. Roscoe and Reacher decide to go to a roadhouse across the border in Alabama to blow off some steam, but due to the rain that flooded the roads, they have to stop by a motel for the night. A real connection between them is building up, they talk about their childhood and respective families that night. Next morning upon returning, they figure out that Roscoe’s house was broken into last night with the words “See You Soon” engraved on the back of the front door.

In this episode, once again, we can see, Reacher is both brains and brawn… he investigates as well as he fights. We’re also introduced to a much more humane side of his. Lastly, we see the plot developing and leaving us with questions that we need answers to.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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