Puss in Boots has developed a fear of dying after running from the Wolf. With Kitty Softpaws and Perrito, he sets off on an epic journey to the Dark Forest in pursuit of the fabled Last Wish to replenish his nine lives.

Its animated comedy adventure isn’t very noteworthy. Still, the way it’s carried out and the assortment of oddball characters that round out the cast, aside from the leading performers, are what stand out.


This adventure comedy’s creators deserve respect for skillfully fusing the principles of cooperation and generosity with a compelling plot. In it, friends are discussed, their relationships and how they help one another when faced with difficulties. The humour throughout the movie never lets up, and you won’t want to leave your seat.

The film’s charming protagonist, Puss in Boots, contrasts horribly with the Wolf (Death), the bad guy. Perrito, Goldilocks, and Big Jack Horner are excellent supporting characters in the movie, and the result is fantastic.

Following a bizarre mishap, Puss in Boots’ doctor tells him to keep a low profile and take it easy as he has already used eight of his nine lives. After that, he lives with Mama Luna, who is the mother of multiple kittens. At Mama Luna’s foster home, he meets Perrito, a dog dressed as a cat, and over time develops a close bond with him.

Children won’t have any trouble enjoying the film despite being a tad dark. The Dark Forest’s special effects are superbly executed and produce magnificent sights, adding to the film’s atmosphere of mystical realism. You will undoubtedly laugh aloud at the amusing scenarios. This movie effectively highlights the universal fear of death on a deeper level.

The filmmakers possess the expertise to appeal to a variety of audiences. The CGI animation is excellent. It retains the spirit of the period this story initially began in despite being modern. All the components from the past have been given a fresh touch, heightening the nostalgic quality. The action scenes’ modest frame rates and short world-building work quite well.

The main heroine, played by Antonia Banderas, is excellent. He does a great job considering that he can only play with voice.You will never encounter a cat as deadly tempting as Salma Hayek’s Kitty Softpaws

The only issues are the method it chooses to end the Death arc and the pace it catches in some of the second half. The fact that it is included in the third act detracts from its power and makes it appear like a supplementary climax rather than a highly tense confrontation that it could have been.

Rating – Three out of five stars

Chris Miller directed the film. Joe M. Aguilar and Latifa Ouaou produced it. It stars Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Florence Pugh, Olivia Colman, Harvey Guillén, and the ensemble. In March 2023, the movie will be available on an OTT platform, Netflix.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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