The episode opens up with Jagmohan’s(Vishal Yadav) home where we see his wife, child, and mother – Amma ji(played by Abha Sharma). As the family is chatting they hear a crashing noise – only to find out Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi are meeting with a small accident due to poor road conditions.

As the intro fades away, we see Sachiv Ji getting ready to bathe at the handpump and asking Bhushan(who was passing by) to remove his hammer from the office. He further asks Bhushan to stop creating a ruckus for a few months and to let him work in peace. As Sachiv Ji sits down to study – he is greeted by a pleasant surprise – by Rinki, who invited the former for tea at the village tank. However, later they both do not go ahead citing that villagers will speak nonsense about them.

Later in the episode, Amma Ji(Jagmohan’s elderly mother) is seen coming to the Panchayat office, making up a fake sob story that she has been cast out from her home and needs a new home under PM’s scheme. However, later on, Abhishek realizes that Amma Ji was faking everything and she is living with her family in a ‘pakka ghar’.

Abhishek and Vikas go to Amma Ji’s residence to check the legitimacy of her story, only to find out that she cooked up a fake sob story to get a new house. Abhishek gets infuriated to find this out and lashes out at Amma Ji for doing shameful shenanigans to get a new house. Things go south when Jagmohan threatens to tarnish Pradhan Ji’s image, which the latter can’t afford due to the upcoming elections.

After being convinced by Manju Devi, Abhishek agrees to help Jagmohan and his mother to get a new house. This time, Jagmohan and Amma Ji make sure that their ‘fight’ is more believable and is seen by other villagers as proof. Later in the episode, Abhishek and Rinki co-incidentally meet while going to the village tank for a cup of tea – but their feeble joy is short-lived as they find drunk Prahlad on the top of the tank.

This episode is a good continuation of the pilot and takes us further into the workings of village politics as and when elections are near. From minor scams like in case of Jagmohan to Pradhan being worried about ‘negative publicity’ – all this is shown in a rather nuanced setting.

The cinematography and the direction of this episode are on point, and some moments especially shine more than others – Prahlad doesn’t even speak 10 words in total but the scene involving him is so strong in direction as well as acting-wise, that we all end up feeling for him, knowing very well that we’re watching a fictional show!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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