A young couple plans a special night to honor the birthday of the woman in their relationship. The guy has planned a romantic night in the heart of Mumbai’s bustling city. The resulting surge in his libido leads to a midnight automobile kiss. His desire increases and the couple decides to share a midnight vehicle kiss. They are caught by a police officer, who is also a pervert.

Operation Romeo is adapted from the Malayalam movie ‘Ishq: Not A Love Story. The movie examines and analyzes the practice of moral policing. Although moral policing is prohibited by the Constitution of India, its associated forms of harassment are too widespread in the country’s setting. The invasion of privacy and the questioning of several couples and women by civilian persons or groups pose a threat to the victims’ right to due process under the Constitution.

The director, Shashant Shah’s “Operation Romeo”, is entirely unexpected. He has moved on to the new ground as a filmmaker after gaining experience with human dramas and comedies. It’s impressive that he took on the issue of maintaining the subject’s suspenseful integrity. The film’s first half drags a bit owing to its drawn-out setup, but the second half is where the real action lies.

Bhumika Chawla, as Sharad Kelkar’s wife, is fantastic. She looks as beautiful as ever and hasn’t aged a bit. When she gets angry, her anger radiates off the screen. Although her part is minor, she manages to steal the show by being both vulnerable and strong.
But on the flip side, it would have been nice if Shashank and the writer Arshad Sayed hadn’t repeated the same problems that plagued Ishq-Not A Love Story in their work. The last revelation in the finale has little impact since, as in the original, we never receive any insight into Neha’s psyche after the terrible incident. The second half of the movie, which involves revenge, is equally questionable because of how it handles moral policing situations.

Good work was done on the dialogue. The officers’ reaction is just what’s needed. It has an air of both power and horror. The film’s final pathetic attempt is to be “different” from the others. Overall, it’s a film with much potential but needs to realize its full potential.

Rating – Three out of five stars.

The film Operation Romeo is directed by Shashant Shah and produced by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia of Friday Filmworks and Reliance Entertainment. Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto play the lead parts in the movie. On April 22nd, 2022, it was finally made available to the public. Because Netflix is involved in the streaming process, it’s possible to find it there.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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