The plot of the film revolves around two couples with an age gap of 15 years. An error in their marriage certificate at the registrar’s office results in a funny and confusing situation for four people who share the same address. Slowly the days passed by and the married couples started falling in love with each other. Later, the time came for their divorce but they did not sign the divorce paper.


Odd Couple is a comedy movie that interprets modern marriages and love. The film stars Piyush (Divyendu Sharma) 25 years old an entrepreneur who lives with his girlfriend Nivedita (Pranati Rai Prakash) in flat no.304 of the same building where a divorced lady of 39 years also named Nivedita (Suchitra Krishnamoorthy) lives in flat no 404 and is an interpreter. Her ex-husband’s name is Yogesh (Vijay Raaz)who is 40 years old and is a renowned painter.
The starting scene takes place in the registrar’s office named Chautala (Manoj Pahwa) where these two couple goes to get their names corrected on the marriage certificate. The movie shows two different couples of different age groups who are brought concurrently by fate to overcome the difficulty.
The names could not be corrected before six months so the only solution was left to live as a married couple and when the time comes they would take the divorce. The similarity in the name of the wives and addresses lead to an extraordinary combination.
The movie goes into a flashback of two months where it shows how everything happened and how their wives’ names got exchanged. Later, Nivedita girlfriend of Piyush starts liking Yogesh, Piyush saw Nivedita with Yogesh and was heartbroken and thought of breaking up with Nivedita. Piyush use to spend time in bars with his friend Sunny, an advocate who is also going to get divorced because his wife cheated on him.
Piyush starts having a kind of platonic love for the older Nivedita and expresses his feelings and, the younger Nivedita’s father hears all his talk.
Later in the court, except Yogesh, none of them sign the divorce paper and then, the movie comes to an end.

The odd Couple movie deserves 3.5 stars out of 5. The concept of the film is a plus point for the film. However, the screenplay was slow in patches yet it attaches to the Audience till the end to know what will happen next. Overall it was a decent movie.
The film is produced by Praneet Verma and directed by Prashant Johari. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Jio Cinema.

Divyendu Sharma did an incredible job in the movie. The cinematography and music were good. The title perfectly matches the story.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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