Single Mother Holly McCord (Danielle C. Ryan) will do anything to preserve her young son’s life. However, she will have to transport illegal drugs in a souped-up truck while being tailed by the Feds. With two bounty hunters after her head and her son’s life in danger, Holly climbs behind the “Night Train” wheel, ready to outlast, outrun, and outgun everyone.


The newest action thriller from Saban Films, Night Train, has an exclusive clip that Screen Rant is happy to share. The action-packed adventure, which is currently showing in a few theatres before going digital and On Demand next week, was directed and produced by Shane Stanley from a script by CJ Walley. In Night Train, Diora Baird, Joseph D. Reitman, Ivan Sergei, Brent Bailey, Kevin Joy, Paul Haapaniemi, Reggie Austin, Thomas Nelson, Joe Lando, and Abraham Benrubi all play supporting roles in Danielle C. Ryan’s portrayal of a woman pushed to the limit.

In Night Train, Ryan plays Holly McCord, a woman who will do anything to save the life of her little kid, including scamming strangers or transporting illegal substances in her souped-up truck. Despite having bounty hunters after her and federal officials like Jaylynne Jackson (Baird) hot on her trail, Holly will do everything it takes to complete her mission, provide her kid with the security he needs, and ensure that her employers’ contraband is delivered without incident.

Holly is anxious about the feds being on her trail and ponders whether she should back off in Screen Rant’s exclusive Night Train footage. She confides in Renzo her worries, indicating that she might have to leave for Mexico but doesn’t want to give up the business entirely if it means she can keep her son secure.

Renzo is prepared to take her across the border to escape being caught in addition to just having her back. Even though there had been conflicts in their relationship, it is clear that he would sacrifice anything for her, and as Night Train goes on, he is ready to do just that. The actress will play Holly McCord, who will display her fighting prowess in action-packed scenes and explore her more emotional side as a mother doing all it takes to save her son.

Rating – Two out of five stars.

Ryan’s previous work, which ranges from comedic to more graphic action pieces, will undoubtedly serve as a showcase for him in Night Train.
The film was made under Shane Stanley’s direction. Its producers are CJ Walley and Neil Chisholm. Starring in it are Joseph D. Reitman, Abraham Benrubi, Danielle C. Ryan, and Diora Baird, and on January 12, 2023, it was released. Currently, it is not accessible on any OTT platforms.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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