Zeenat Aman Triumphs Over Ptosis with Successful Surgery After 40-Year Struggle

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman has recently revealed her longstanding battle with ptosis, a condition that had been affecting her for four decades. In a heartfelt letter, she shared her journey of living with a drooping eyelid and how it had finally led her to seek medical intervention. A resilient Aman expressed her gratitude to her colleagues in the entertainment industry for embracing her, despite the physical changes brought about by her eye condition.

The actress underwent corrective surgery immediately after completing a high-profile photo shoot for a major international magazine. She even shared a touching moment with her son, Zahaan, as he kissed her forehead before accompanying her to the operating room. Aman described her preparations for the surgery, including a farewell to her pet Lily, before her son Zahaan and daughter Cara drove her to Hinduja Hospital in Khar.

In her open and candid account of her eye condition, she stated, “For the past 40 years, there has been an unspoken elephant in the room. It’s high time we usher this elephant out the door. I have been dealing with ptosis, a condition resulting from an injury I suffered many decades ago, which damaged the muscles around my right eye. Over time, it caused my eyelid to droop progressively, and a few years ago, it began to significantly impede my vision. When a significant portion of one’s career is tied to their appearance, coming to terms with a drastic change in it is undoubtedly challenging. I am aware that this ptosis limited my opportunities and subjected me to unwarranted attention. However, despite the rumors, the comments, and the inquiries, I never allowed it to diminish my spirit. It certainly helped that there were always a few steadfast individuals who continued to support me and chose to collaborate with me.”

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