Warner Bros Unveils First-Ever Localized Tom And Jerry Series Set in Singapore for Asian Audience

Headline: “Warner Bros Discovery Unveils First-Ever Localized Tom And Jerry Series Set in Singapore for Asian Audience”

In a groundbreaking move, Warner Bros Discovery has announced the creation of a new localized version of the iconic Tom And Jerry series, featuring the beloved cat and mouse duo in an all-new adventure set in the vibrant city of Singapore.

This upcoming 7×3-minute series, produced in Asia in collaboration with Warner Bros Animation, is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in the Asia Pacific region and HBO Go in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong later this year, with plans for international release in the future.

Produced by Warner Bros Discovery’s Carlene Tan, and with Vivek Bolar as the lead director, the project boasts animation from India’s Aum Animation Studios, along with captivating stories and designs from Singapore-based Robot Playground Media and Chips and Toon Studios.

The new series promises to revive the classic charm of the original Hanna-Barbera 1950s era, while infusing it with a modern Singaporean twist, making it a delightful addition to the ever-popular Tom And Jerry canon. The show’s creative collaboration with local talents in Singapore and across Asia aims to expand the franchise’s fanbase in the region and beyond.

Vishnu Athreya, Senior Vice President of Series at Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, expressed excitement about giving Asian fans a version of Tom And Jerry they can call their own, acknowledging the characters’ universal appeal that transcends cultures and borders.

Tom And Jerry is one of Warner Bros Discovery’s flagship franchises, boasting an impressive global social reach of 50 million and nearly 30 billion minutes watched on the Warner Bros Kids YouTube channel. With a rich history spanning 83 years, the beloved series has seen more than 500 episodes, 15 movies, and seven Academy Awards.

In addition to the series launch, Warner Bros Discovery has exciting plans to introduce a range of Tom And Jerry-branded consumer products later this year, further solidifying the enduring popularity and longevity of this timeless animated classic.

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