Vivek Oberoi Desires To Work In Marathi Cinema

Actor Vivek Oberoi is desperate to work in a Marathi film after appearing in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tamil movies. Oberoi hasn’t contributed to any Marathi films, with the exception of his amicable appearance in Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap. Riteish (Deshmukh, an actor and acquaintance) and I occasionally talk about it. He’d occasionally call and say, ‘Let’s do a Marathi film’. I always reply, ‘C’mon Bhau let’s do it’. But nothing really has converted,” Oberoi shares.

Oberoi acknowledges that reuniting with his Masti co-star Deshmukh for a Marathi movie “would be interesting.” Adds he, “I’m not averse to working in any language. Regional cinema is not even regional anymore. It’s just good and bad films. You make a good film and it gets seen across the world. Look at Bhau’s movie Ved and what it has done. It’s done wonders and, you know, in such a sensitive movie, unlike what he’s done before. It’s such a sensitive movie that he has put his heart and soul into and it’s done phenomenal business.”

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