Vivek Agnihotri on the Boycott Culture

As a result of boycotts and bans, various Bollywood films and stars are trending on social media. A motion picture might spark a social media boycott campaign even before it is released.The director of “The Kashmir Files,” Vivek Agnihotri, argued that the cancel culture is a positive trend. He told a news website that it is a complicated problem and that the “Boycott Bollywood” campaign is “very excellent” since it demonstrates the public’s dissatisfaction with the products that Bollywood is producing.

Vivek Agnihotri stated that this tendency would have a very favourable outcome in the end. When questioned if these initiatives are part of a right-wing conspiracy, the filmmaker responded to Deccan Herald by saying that they are more like cultural uprisings against Bollywood. Vivek Agnihotri further distanced himself from “Bollywood,” saying that he is not a member of the industry that employs tried-and-true formulae and instead works independently to produce Hindi movies.

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