Virat Kohli was ARROGANT says Anushka !!!

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are among the most well-liked couples in the entertainment business. The tale of their initial encounter is just as well-known as them. While many people would believe that sparks ignited quickly, Anushka was the one who initially thought Virat was “arrogant.”

While co-starring in a shampoo commercial in 2013, Anushka and Virat first got to know one another. The actor once said to Filmfare magazine when asked if Virat had ever visited his home, “If you’d ask me did Virat come to my house? Yes. Does he know me? Yes. Does he know me? Yes. However, there are some more facts that are unknown. Together, we created an advertisement. He’s thought to be arrogant too, so I put on an arrogant front.

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