Vidya Balan Joins the Modern Feminist Debate

Actress Vidya Balan has questioned why contemporary feminism confines women to a stereotype and criticises them if they want to enjoy “old things.” At the book The Millennial Woman in Bollywood launch, Vidya queried why the contemporary woman is being “stereotyped” in her remarks.

Vidya stated, as reported by the news source PTI, “Why can’t a strong woman, a feminist, have a partner, also wish to enjoy traditional things and also wish to take a step back? Why is the modern woman being used as a typical example of what every woman must be? Why is the modern woman being stereotyped? Why empowerment and wanting to live as you please needs to be so exclusive.”

Vidya was questioned if ending the discussion on women’s empowerment would signify that society had reached equality during the question-and-answer session. That will “take a very long time,” the actor remarked.

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