Video of Kate Winslet boosting the confidence of a Young Journalist goes VIRAL!!!

A short clip uploaded om the Twitter Account of the Metro , UK has went viral. It features superstar Kate Winslet encouraging and boosting the confidence of a young journalist.

In the clip that has been garnered thousands of times on the account, the Avatar: The Way of Water star sat down for an interview with the journalist who admiited to being perturbed.

Having the Titanic actress as your first interviewee can be asbolutely terrifying and it was extremely clear from her terrified voice. Kate Winslet put hr at complete ease after learning about this.

Kate told the journalist ‘Ok, well, guess what. When we do this interview,’ , to which Martha replied: ‘Yeah?’

‘It’s gonna be the most amazing interview ever,’ Kate assured her, to which Martha happily nodded: ‘Ok.’

And do you know why?’, the star told her. ‘Because we’ve decided that it is going to be.

‘We’ve decided right now, me and you, this is gonna be a really fantastic interview.’

Watch the clip here –

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