Vicky Kaushal Spills the Beans on Life with ‘Disciplined Monster’ Katrina Kaif!

In a recent exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vicky Kaushal shared intriguing insights into his life with wife Katrina Kaif. From their unique approach to discipline to Katrina’s discerning tastes, the actor gave us a glimpse into their world.

When asked about the most disciplined member of their family, Vicky chuckled and replied, “When we’re both home and just chilling, we’re both pretty lazy. It’s a beautiful lazy party for us. But when she needs to be disciplined, she transforms into a monster – a disciplined monster!”

Curious about who’s the hardest to please in the family, Vicky playfully turned to Katrina and inquired about her own opinion. He explained, “Yes, it depends on the matter. When it comes to certain things, she can be quite particular, especially when it comes to food and clothing. She has a unique taste, and she’s not afraid to show it, so I’d say it’s probably her.”

Reflecting on his initial feelings when Katrina focused on him during the promotion of “The Great Indian Family” earlier this month, Vicky confessed, “At first, it felt odd to have her attention on me. I used to wonder, ‘Is everything okay?’ She’s such a phenomenon. In the beginning, I’d often think, ‘Why me?’ But she’s an incredible human being, and as I spent more time with her, I realized I’d never met anyone like her before. She never speaks ill of anyone, and her compassion for the people and the environment around her is incredibly attractive to me.”

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