Varun Dhawan’s Surprise Cameo in ‘Munjya’ Sparks Audience Frenzy

Post-Credit Scene in Horror-Comedy ‘Munjya’ Featuring Varun Dhawan Delights Fans

Munjya, the latest addition to the horror-comedy genre, shares a special connection with Varun Dhawan. Released last Friday, Munjya features a memorable cameo by Varun Dhawan during the post-credit scene. This new film from Maddock Films, starring Sharvari and Mona Singh, has now joined their expanding horror-comedy universe.

On Sunday, Varun Dhawan celebrated Munjya’s success by sharing a clip on Instagram, showcasing the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to the post-credit scene. The video features Bhaskar, Varun’s character from Bhediya, hiding behind a large rock and camouflaging himself with leaves. Seeking help from Janardan, played by Abhishek Banerjee, Bhaskar is thrown some clothing. After putting on a pair of old underpants, Munjya delivers a sudden jump scare, concluding the scene with the audience erupting in cheers.

In his Instagram caption, Varun wrote, “Congratulations to team MUNJYA for the massive success. BHEDIYA milna chaiye ga aap se (Bhediya wants to meet you). Don’t miss the post credit. @verma.abhay_ @sharvari @aditya_a_sarpotdar @amarkaushik, it was so much fun to be back on your set again with this master storyteller. #dino @maddockfilms we just getting started. @nowitsabhi will see u soon brother.”

Reacting to Varun’s post, lead actress Sharvari commented, “VD!!!! Thank aaaaooooo for adding chaar chand to our Munjya madness. You are the best!!!!” Abhay Verma added, “Bhaskii is the best dessert for a super main course film treat!!!” Director Aditya Sarpotdar remarked, “Bhai, the theater erupts at this point in the film. Bhediya has always been a rage and audience reactions reaffirm the same.”

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