Varun Dhawan’s amazing look for Bhediya

With Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan is currently filming a unique song for his next film, “Bhediya.” The two stars recently posted photos of themselves practising the song on social media. Although the rehearsals appeared to be a lot of fun, their followers are now eagerly anticipating this dance routine.

Amar Kaushik, the movie’s director, gave us a peek at some behind-the-scenes action, which Varun subsequently shared. Indulging in chai and Parle-G during filming a night scene, Varun was heard saying, “bhediya bhi chai aur Parle-G khata hai.” He then switched into the “Bhediya” mode, howling like a wolf.

Varun shared in a video earlier that he had grown a beard, indicating that he was entering the “Bhediya” mood and filming an unique song for the movie. In the meantime, his co-star Kriti Sanon, who seemed to adore the beard, was seen fluffing his beard in a tale they both posted.

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