Varun Dhawan opens up about his Ailment

Recently, Varun Dhawan revealed that he suffers from Vestibular Hypofunction, a rare ailment in which the inner ear’s balancing system is dysfunctional. Varun published a number of tweets to reassure his worried fans regarding his health.

Hey everyone, I’m aware that I recently gave an interview in which I mentioned that my health wasn’t at its best. I’ve been touched by the outpouring of love and care that has followed and am actually very motivated to return to 100 percent. To all of you who have been worried, I would want to let you know that thanks to yoga, swimming, physiotherapy, and a change in lifestyle, I am doing much better. The most crucial thing is to get some sun. Above all, Varun Dhawan said, “Bhagwan’s blessings.”

Varun Dhawan is currently making a big effort to promote “Bhediya.” On November 25, “Bhediya” is expected to be released on video.

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