Unveiling Secrets: Vishal Bharadwaj’s Spy Thriller ‘Khufiya’ Trailer Leaves Fans Awestruck !!!

Khufiya, directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, now has a trailer! The movie’s official trailer was released by Netflix on Monday. It is based on the book Escape to Nowhere by Amar Bhushan, a former head of R&AW’s counterespionage unit. It promises to be an exciting adventure and stars Tabu, Ali Fazal, Wamiqa Gabbi, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Azmeri Haque Badhon.

The trailer begins in 2004 at the R&AW headquarters in Delhi, where it appears that there has been a probable information leak. “We have a mole in the agency,” a source close to the situation said. They begin to suspect Ali Fazal’s character Dev, who plays RAW agent Krishna Menon, as the mole while Tabu, who plays Menon, intervenes to look into the possibility. The agents then start to observe and track every aspect of his life, including his marriage to his wife (Wamiqa Gabbi). The trailer teases that there are more mysteries to come as the crisis worsens.

Netflix India posted the trailer on X with the following caption, “Yahan hathiyaar ke roop hain alag, aur jung hai khufiya. In a world of spies, the traitor must be brought to light. #Khufiya, streaming from Oct 5, only on Netflix!” Reacting to the trailer, a fan commented: “Tabu & Vishal Bhardwaj are an unmatched combo!!!” Another said, “This looks amazing!” A comment also read, “If Vishal Bhardwaj has made it, it will always be good.”

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