Twinkle Khanna travels by Auto Rickshaw with daughter Nitara in Mumbai

Twinkle Khanna, an actor-turned-author, travelled by vehicle in Mumbai on Saturday with her daughter Nitara. In a video posted on Instagram by a paparazzi, Twinkle giggled and motioned for the vehicle to keep going while the photographers continued to take shots.

Nitara followed Twinkle inside the car in the video. Twinkle said in response to something Nitara said to her mother, “Bohut accha hua (It was very good).” The mother and daughter were seated inside the car, but the driver didn’t turn it on

Twinkle chuckled and said to the auto driver, “Chalo bhaiyya aap wait karrahe ho (Drive please, you are waiting)” while the paparazzi kept taking shots. Nitara grinned as well at this.
Twinkle chose a colourful frock and golden footwear for their outing. Nitara was spotted wearing shorts, a purple top, and sneakers. Twinkle also had a book and a purse with her. Nitara was holding a pouch.

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