Travis $cott drops hints at release date for his new album

Good news for all rap lovers and ‘ragers’ out there. Travis $cott hints at the potential release date for his upcoming album ‘UTOPIA’, which has already scored the hype.

On June 26, 2023, billboards promoting Travis’ upcoming album went up all over Los Angeles. Fans of the “Highest in the Room” singer, who are referred to as ‘ragers,’ flooded social media with photos of the billboards portraying cryptic ads.

One of the billboards includes a clock showing the time 7:21, while another one has a lock combination of 721. Both of these billboards featured the ‘UTOPIA’ branding posing the question, “Is It In The Chateau?”

Fans are going gaga as they think these numbers revealed the release date, July 21, for the much-awaited album. According to the fans, the 7 indicates the seventh month of a year, July, and the 21 being the day/date.

If these hunches actually turn out to be accurate, the debut of this highly anticipated album is less than a month away.

Travis has been keeping his fans on their toes by teasing them with such hints. One such included his official website having the ‘UTOPIA’ logo. He also indicated potential collaborations with Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, SZA, and Mike Dean. Some of these artists were spotted with a mysterious briefcase with ‘Utopia’ stitched on it.

Travis $cott did not make any comments or official statements about the album, but his fans remain ready and excited with such hints to vibe to the new forthcoming music.

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