Trailer of Ananya Pandey’s ‘CALL ME BAE’ Is Out

The first trailer for the upcoming Amazon Video series “Call Me Bae,” which stars Ananya Panday, was posted on Instagram on Thursday. Ananya Panday plays the “fashion expert” in the promo, which features banter between her and Varun Dhawan about all things related to fashion and clothing. She gives Varun Dhawan a monologue a la Meryl Streep about the history of his boxers.

The streaming service posted a first look of the episode on Instagram with the following caption:, “pakki khabar hai guys, (It’s confirmed news) @ananyapanday is the new fashionista in the primeverse! watch this first glimpse and stay tuned #CallMeBae New Series, Now Filming! #PrimeBae.” The video starts with Varun directly addressing the audience to reveal the new show titled Call Me Bae, to which Ananya interrupts and says to call ‘ME’ Bae since it is her show where she plays a ‘total fashion expert’. Varun then whispers that just because she calls designer Manish Malhotra her ‘chachu’ (uncle) she is not a fashion expert.

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