Thunivu Inspires Fan to Commit Robbery

The movie “Thunivu,” starring Ajith, opened in theatres on January 11. The movie is based on actual robberies of banks that took place in Punjab decades ago.

Now, apparently trying to imitate the movie, a man from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu attempted to rob a bank. A 25-year-old guy is believed to have tried to rob a bank in Dindigul, according to press sources. The suspect had purchased plastic tags, pepper spray, and chilli powder in preparation for the crime.

According to reports, the man attempted to assault three bank employees but was apprehended by members of the public and police after one of the bank employees called for help. Social media has been buzzing over the incident. According to reports, the event occurred on January 24 at a well-known bank, and the police have taken control of the situation.

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