The word ‘STAR’ makes Hritik Roshan uncomfortable

Hrithik Roshan has never understood the star versus actor controversy. He feels more at ease and at ease while he is acting, but the word “star” makes him feel like a “burden.”

Hrithik recently discussed how challenging it may be when fame comes with a lot of obligations and burdens in an interview. He claimed that thanks to movies like “Vedha” or “Super 30,” life is made simpler because all you have to do is act. However, movies like “Bang Bang,” “War,” or “Fighter” fully embody what it means to be a star. Then, one must meet all of the expectations, look a specific way, and this might worsen the situation.

Additionally, he clarified the distinction between an actor and a star. He claims that if someone calls him an actor or a good actor, it gives him a pleasant, secure, contented, and comfortable feeling within.

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