The Rings Of Power Faced A Lot Of Racist Attacks

The highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series on Amazon Originals saw a worrying wave of racist response, prompting the production to take important steps to assist the cast.

The series, which has a September 2022 exclusive Prime Video release date set, has a diverse ensemble cast, which regrettably immediately triggered discriminatory outrage against actors of color. In response to criticism of the inclusion of people of color in the Middle-earth realm, Prime Video reacted forcefully and condemned the threats, harassment, and abuse aimed at the cast.

In an interview with Variety, Ismael Cruz Córdova, who plays the elf Arondir in The Rings of Power, talked openly about the negative effects of the response.The pointy ear elf said that in order to help the actors, the producers even hired an on-set therapist. Even in the absence of speech, Córdova conveyed his gratitude for the therapist’s presence.

You need support when this happens because the voices are so loud and they’re coming at you from so many places… I loved seeing her there, even if we didn’t speak. I knew there was someone there seeing me completely. It wasn’t just as an actor… It hurt. It had a psychological and mental health impact. That’s something that I’m very, very open about so that people understand that what they do and say online really hurts people, really has an impact on us… My phone got hacked. I had bank account attempts of being hacked. My PayPal got hacked. My friends got messages. I got death threats. I got things mailed to me. People found out my address. It was a lot of that,” he expressed

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