‘The Flash’ Star Ezra Miller to Plead Guilty to Trespassing Charge

Ezra Miller is expected to plead guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful trespassing in a Vermont burglary case, with two other charges against the actor being dropped.

A document filed ahead of the hearing stated that Miller will plead guilty to a single charge of unlawful trespass. As part of the plea deal with prosecutors, Miller is set to receive a sentence of 89 to 90 days in jail, all suspended, and will be placed on probation for a year. They will also be fined $500.

Miller pleaded not guilty in October to charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and petty larceny for allegedly breaking into a nearby home and stealing three bottles of liquor containing gin, vodka and rum.

According to reports , these two charges will be dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Ezra Miller has mired in controversy for a long time and his volatile behaviour has been a cause for concern for everyone, escpecially at Warner Bros who are betting a lot on ‘The Flash’ releasing June 2023. This plea deal will be welcome news at the Studios who will probably breathe a sigh of relief and hope for smooth sailing till the movie hits the theatres.

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