‘THE FLASH’ receives high test scores in Screenings

Since the DCEU took birth in 2013 it has been a torrid time for the franchise. From directors leaving the projects to actors getting arrested time and again. It has been a really torrid time.

Just when it seemed that there is light at the end of the tunnel , news emerged that Warner Brothers Discovery only has the budget to release two movies in the year 2022.

There is some respite for the executives at WBD. Test screenings of THE FLASH have been largely positive. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie has been receiving some of the highest scores at screening since the critically and commerical hit Batman Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan

Executives believe that if the movie can continue the same trend then despite all the contoversies surrounding Ezra Miller, the movie could be a box office hit and throw a much needed lifeline to the DCEU.

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