Telugu Star Teja Sajja Shines in ‘HanuMan’, Faces Future Competition from Sunny Deol’s Hanuman Role

Teja Sajja’s breakout role in ‘HanuMan’ paves the way for a sequel, but Sunny Deol’s upcoming portrayal in ‘Ramayana’ promises strong competition

This year has been monumental for Telugu actor Teja Sajja, who ascended to superstardom with his performance in Prashanth Verma’s film ‘HanuMan.’ Building on this success, a sequel titled ‘Jai HanuMan’ is currently in production. However, it may soon face competition from Bollywood heavyweight Sunny Deol, who is set to portray Hanuman in Nitesh Tiwari’s highly anticipated ‘Ramayana.’

The ‘Ramayana’ film, featuring Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Ram, is gearing up to expand its universe, with Sunny Deol poised to take the spotlight in the first spin-off centered on Lord Hanuman. This ambitious universe will continue to grow following the release of the two ‘Ramayana’ films slated for 2027. After these films, Sunny Deol will reprise his role as Lord Hanuman in a standalone movie, serving as a significant expansion of the ‘Ramayana’ Universe.

Historically, Dara Singh has been the definitive portrayal of Lord Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan.’ Now, Sunny Deol appears to be an inspired choice for the role at this stage in his career. Known for his intense and dynamic screen presence, Deol’s past roles, like the iconic scene where he uproots a handpump, demonstrate his ability to deliver powerful performances. Fans eagerly anticipate his depiction of Hanuman, especially the iconic moment where the deity reveals Lord Ram and Devi Sita residing in his heart.

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