Teaser of The Kardashians Season 2 out now

A new teaser has been published ahead of the September 22 launch of The Kardashians’ second season. The second season will focus on the couple’s second child, who they welcomed via surrogacy in August 2022, after the previous one concluded with Khloe Kardashian going through a difficult time during Tristan Thompson’s paternity controversy.

Khloe will open The Kardashians Season 2 by talking about the fallout from Thompson’s paternity suit when it was established that he had fathered a kid with Maralee Nichols. In the latest trailer, Kris Jenner can be seen breaking down as she talks about witnessing Khloe endure so many hardships and declares, “It’s painful to watch her in misery.

On the other side, Khloe may be seen announcing that she and Tristan are preparing to become parents again through surrogacy. She makes the declaration in the teaser by adding, “I have something I want to talk to you about. I’m pregnant again with Tristan.”

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