Taapsee Pannu Criticizes Bollywood’s Star-Centric System Impact on Low-Budget Films

Taapsee Pannu, an accomplished actor who recently ventured into production with her film “Dhak Dhak,” has raised concerns regarding the influence of the star system on low-budget movies in Bollywood. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Taapsee highlighted the glaring hypocrisy pervasive in the film industry, where audiences seem more interested in the leading actor’s identity than the actual storyline.

Taapsee candidly remarked, “My belief in the ‘content is king’ mantra was shattered during the making of this film. There’s a lot of double standards. People would listen to just the one-line premise and promptly inquire, ‘Who is the hero in the film?’ This factor significantly determines their financial and emotional commitment to the project. As an actor, I never worried about my co-star or the stature of the filmmakers when signing a movie. I’ve worked with numerous first-time directors and rookie co-stars, but unfortunately, that’s not how others perceive it.”

Recent reports suggest that Taapsee Pannu distanced herself from promotional activities for “Dhak Dhak” due to feeling “used and overpowered” by Viacom18 Studios’ marketing strategy for the film, which premiered on October 13. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Taapsee responded to the swirling rumors, stating, “I can’t comment on it at this moment. I’m eagerly awaiting the film’s release and for the audience to witness the result of our hard work and dedication. I don’t want it tainted by any negativity.”

“Dhak Dhak” revolves around the journey of four ordinary women from diverse backgrounds who embark on a motorcycle expedition. As they traverse their path, they discover more about themselves and the essence of sisterhood.

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