Taapsee Pannu buys Punjab Tigers in the Tennis Premier League

Taapsee Pannu claims that she feels as though she is competing in a solitary race and that she only has a certain amount of time to accomplish all of her life’s goals. “I feel like a batsman with a restricted number of overs who wants to score a century. So I keep working hard. The actor, who just became a co-owner of Punjab Tigers in the Tennis Premier League, says he does not want to look back and regret passing up a particular chance.

She owned a team in the Premier Badminton League before making an investment in tennis. She is motivated by her passion for athletics rather than pure business. She goes on to explain, “I have been an ardent sports enthusiast ever since I was a child and have played all kinds of sports – from Badminton to Tennis and Volleyball. It pushes you to win but also tells you how to take the failures.”

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