Taapsee Pannu is bullish about her latest release ‘Blurr’

Actress Taapsee Pannu is in a “happy, comfortable state” as a result of the positive feedback Blurr, her most recent OTT release, is receiving. Not only that, but she also makes her producing debut with this movie. Taapsee acknowledges that juggling her “dual task” as producer and principal performer wasn’t simple. The actor tells us in a loose conversation that she has decided to “not do heavy thrillers for sometime and pick just lighter stories” since she needs to “recover mentally” after this production. She also discusses the typecasting system in Bollywood, how people view her work, and why she doesn’t think it’s important to please everyone.

You know, that was a difficult choice. I wanted to start with something else. I wanted to start with something more lighthearted than Blurr and more in line with my sense of fun. That then was the strategy. But finally, the complete opposite occurred — something sinister with me in it.

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