Superstar Rajinikanth’s Blockbuster Movie “Jailer” Hits Theaters in Just 2 Days!

The Hype is UNREAL!

Hold your breath, folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! The much-anticipated Rajinikanth starrer “Jailer” is set to hit theaters on August 10, and the excitement is off the charts! 🎬🍿

The feverish anticipation for “Jailer” has reached an all-time high as fans eagerly count down the days to witness the iconic Superstar’s grand return to the big screen after nearly two years! 🤩💥

Not only is “Jailer” set for a massive pan-Indian release, but it’s also expected to shatter box office records! 🎥💰 With demand for tickets skyrocketing, the frenzy has already led to an official holiday declared on August 10 in honor of the movie’s premiere. Yes, you heard it right – it’s a public holiday dedicated to the one and only Rajinikanth! 📅🎉

Bangalore has taken the excitement to a whole new level by giving leave to all its employees, and to combat piracy, the office administration is generously handing out complimentary tickets! 🎫🎫 Offices all over are catching the “Jailer” craze, and businesses are willingly shutting down to let their employees savor the Superstar’s mesmerizing performance. 🏢💥

But that’s not all – “Jailer” has made waves globally! The excitement has transcended borders, with theaters in foreign countries already opening bookings! 🌍🌏 The movie’s creators have masterfully kept the buzz alive on social media, leaving no stone unturned to keep fans hooked with regular updates. Even the iconic Times Square in New York City couldn’t escape the Rajinikanth magic! 😲🗽


he stage is set for “Jailer” to hit over 90% of screens in Rajinikanth’s homeland, Tamil Nadu, on day one, promising a record-breaking opening weekend! 📈💥 Brace yourselves for the cinematic event of the year, as Rajinikanth’s “Jailer” is all set to rewrite history and take the world by storm! 🌪️🌟

Don’t miss out on witnessing the legend in action – mark your calendars for August 10 and be a part of the Jailer frenzy! 🔥🔥 Get ready to witness Rajinikanth’s triumphant return to the silver screen in a role that will leave you awestruck! 🤩🎭

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