Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Triumphs with Unprecedented Fan Support Across Generations

Sunny Deol has expressed his sheer amazement at the overwhelming support garnered by “Gadar 2”, highlighting how the characters managed to capture the hearts of fans spanning two different generations. The recent release of his film, “Gadar 2”, marked an extraordinary opening and soared to secure the esteemed position of being the second-highest Hindi film opening of the year. Sunny Deol discussed the reception of his latest movie in an exclusive interview with Zoom.

When probed about the resounding success of “Gadar 2”, Sunny Deol shared his sentiments, stating, “I am genuinely elated. When we conceptualized the sequel to ‘Gadar’, we never envisaged such an incredible resonance with the audience. Two complete generations have passed since the inception of the first ‘Gadar’, and astonishingly, people exhibit the same level of enthusiasm as they did during its initial release. I am both astonished and immensely delighted. The film industry relies on hits like these to maintain its vitality.”

Addressing a question concerning the “secret to his enduring popularity”, Sunny Deol responded by revealing that he doesn’t factor in his age. He emphasized that irrespective of age, he is committed to executing his responsibilities to the best of his abilities. The veteran actor’s dedication to his craft remains steadfast.

“Gadar 2” made its debut on August 11 to packed theaters, accomplishing an impressive opening weekend collection of $40 crore. In a remarkable feat, the film managed to surpass the opening weekend earnings of Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated comeback movie “Pathaan”, solidifying its position as the second-highest grossing opening weekend of 2023. The momentum of “Gadar 2” continued into its second day at the box office, witnessing a notable surge, with estimated receipts of 43 crore rupees in India.

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