Sunny Deol Likens Tara Singh from Gadar 2 to Hulk and Superman

Emphasizes Emotional Powers of Superheroes

Actor Sunny Deol Draws Parallel between Tara Singh and Beloved Superheroes Hulk and Superman in Anticipation of Gadar 2 Movie

During the exhilarating conclusion of the 2023 Jagran Film Festival, held in the bustling city of New Delhi, renowned actor Sunny Deol captivated the audience with his intriguing comparison between the iconic superheroes Hulk and Superman and the upcoming movie Gadar 2’s protagonist, Tara Singh.

Amidst the eager crowd, Sunny passionately expressed the widespread desire among viewers to witness a powerful and virtuous superhero on the silver screen, one who possesses the innate ability to “set things right” in the face of adversity. It was within this context that he eloquently associated the valiant character of Tara Singh with the beloved figures of Hulk and Superman, both emblematic of unyielding strength and a strong sense of justice.

Quoted by the esteemed news agency PTI, Sunny conveyed his conviction, stating, “Tara Singh is our very own Hulk, Superman. Like every individual eagerly anticipates the captivating exploits of the mighty Hulk and the indomitable Superman, there exists a similar yearning for a hero like Tara Singh, whose on-screen presence signifies the restoration of justice and righteousness. However, unlike the conventional notion of acquiring superpowers through rigorous training, Tara’s strength emanates from the realm of emotions – these, indeed, are emotional powers.”

Supporting his captivating analogy, Sunny Deol astutely referred to the iconic “Hindustan Zindabad” scene from the original Gadar movie. He asserted that in crucial moments when a character confronts life-altering decisions, a divine presence appears on screen, providing profound guidance to pave the way for the character’s righteous path. According to him, this divine intervention symbolizes the superpower of honesty, earnestness, and simplicity – attributes that define not only Tara Singh but also the essence of all revered superheroes.

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