Star-Studded Voice Cast Revealed for International Animation ‘Night Of The Zoopocalypse’

In a groundbreaking collaboration between animation powerhouses, Night Of The Zoopocalypse, a Canadian-French-Belgian family comedy, is set to astonish audiences worldwide. The film boasts a star-studded voice cast, including David Harbour of ‘Stranger Things,’ Paul Sun-Hyung Lee known for ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Kim’s Convenience,’ Scott Thompson from ‘The Kids In The Hall,’ and Gabbi Kosmidis of ‘Unicorn Academy.’ This international sensation is being launched at the AFM by Anton and Charades, who will co-represent world sales, marking the first-ever joint venture for these London and Paris-based companies.

Night Of The Zoopocalypse tells the uproarious story of a group of zoo animals that undergo a bizarre transformation into zombies following a meteor strike. The movie is set for a Q4, 2024 release and is currently in production. It will be distributed in Canada by Elevation Pictures and in France by Apollo Films. The film is produced by Steven Hoban and Mark Smith of Copperheart Entertainment, an Oscar-winning Canadian production company. It’s co-produced by Charades Productions, U Media, and Mipa.

The official synopsis for the movie reads: “One night, a meteor crashes into Colepepper Zoo, unleashing a virus that transforms the animals into strange and hilarious slobbering zombie mutants. Gracie, a young quirky wolf, teams up with a gruff and fearsome mountain lion to find a way back to her pack. As the zoo is overrun, they must come up with a plan to get all the animals back to normal. Together with the help of a motley crew of survivors – Xavier the movie-obsessed lemur, Frida the fiery capybara, Ash the sarcastic, fabulous ostrich, and Felix the treacherous monkey – they embark on a perilous mission to rescue the zoo and defeat Bunny Zero, the deranged mutant-king, determined to spread the virus beyond the zoo walls. Welcome to… the zoopocalypse!”

The film is co-directed by veteran animators and story artists Ricardo Curtis, known for ‘The Incredibles,’ and Rodrigo Perez-Castro, famous for ‘Ferdinand.’ Their combined credits include hits like the Ice Age films, Rio, and The Angry Birds Movie. They work through the animation pre-production studio House of Cool, where they serve as Creative Director and VP of Creative, respectively. The animation is in production at renowned European studios Mac Guff (‘Despicable Me’) and L’Atelier Animation (‘Leap!’). The film promises to redefine the genre for family audiences with jump scares, astonishing creatures, and lovable characters.

Yohann Comte, co-founder of Charades, commented: “Night of the Zoopocalypse is our most ambitious CGI family animation to this date, both artistically and budget-wise. We are very proud Copperheart and House of Cool trusted us as international distributor and co-producer. Our partnership with Anton is also a first, and the combination of Charades’ expertise in animation and Anton’s expertise in blockbusters is a perfect fit.”

As the excitement builds, the animation world eagerly anticipates this genre-defining film, which promises to expand the possibilities of animation as a storytelling medium. Night Of The Zoopocalypse is poised to deliver a memorable cinematic experience for the entire family.

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