Sidharth Malhotra talks about his love for the True Story Genre

With 13 films under his belt and 10 years of experience in the Hindi film industry, actor Sidharth Malhotra has no qualms about moving slowly and steadily in his career. For his followers to be excited about in the upcoming year, according to Sidharth, there is “plenty.” The actor also discusses his love of the true-story genre, screenplays that are based on real-life heroes, and doing a lot of action in his next movies in a loose conversation.

He said, I’ve never looked at movies or movie business as something that’s just a factory to churn out new movies and stories. I feel we’re all answerable to the business, to the creator and even our fans. While the intent needs to be to tell a special story, I find it difficult to just create special stories, multiple times. I have always tried to do different genres and entertain my audience with interesting films. Whether they turn out to be good or bad is up to the audience (smiles).

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