Siddharth allegedly harassed by the Airport Authorities in Madurai

Actor Siddharth wrote a lengthy statement on Wednesday detailing what happened after alleging that his parents were harassed at the Madurai airport the previous day. Siddharth posted a picture on Instagram with the description, “The other day in Madurai airport… All I have to say about that is this.

He captioned, “Thank you for all the concern and support sent our way. Since the Airport incident, I have been receiving many messages from people sharing their own experiences. I’ve also been contacted by several media houses. I felt it better to explain my experience here. I would rather throw light on the problem than myself. The unnecessary attention will only upset my family further. I have flown out of Madurai Airport dozens of times and I have never had even a moment of difficulty or discomfort in the past. I was travelling with my family this time. Three elders, two young children, and a few adults. The airport was empty and we went to clear security well before our boarding time. The security line was also empty and we were the only passengers going through at the time.”

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