Shilpa Shetty Embraces LED Face Mask Trend, Joining Husband Raj Kundra in Public Fashion Statement

Mumbai, India – In a bold fashion move, actress Shilpa Shetty recently stepped out in Mumbai sporting a futuristic LED face mask, taking a page from her husband’s style book, billionaire Raj Kundra. The couple donned matching black face masks during their public appearance, with Raj having already established a penchant for such face coverings.

While posing for photographers, the two celebrities maintained their enigmatic allure by keeping their faces concealed. A candid video captured Raj opening the car door for Shilpa and gallantly assisting her as they entered a local restaurant, strolling hand in hand.

Raj and Shilpa opted for a coordinated all-black attire for the outing. Raj sported a black hoodie and jeans, while Shilpa donned a sleek black jumpsuit. Their synchronized style statement drew the attention of cameras, and Shilpa briefly unveiled her face for the press as they prepared to dine, marking her first public appearance with a face mask.

The couple’s fashion choice sparked amusing reactions on social media, with one Instagram comment humorously noting, “Ye bhi apne husband jesi ho gayi (she has become like her husband).” Another likened them to the iconic superhero team, the Power Rangers, playfully dubbing them “SPD emergency.”

Shilpa’s adoption of the LED face mask appears to be linked to the promotional campaign for Raj Kundra’s upcoming film, “UT 69,” which delves into his incarceration journey. Raj faced legal troubles in 2021 when he was arrested on charges related to alleged pornography offenses, creating a significant year-long debate in the media and public sphere.

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