Sharmin Segal’s Journey to Heeramandi Role Revealed: 16 Auditions Despite Bhansali Connection

Actress Faces Online Criticism for Performance Despite Rigorous Audition Process

Actress Sharmin Segal, who recently graced The Great Indian Kapil Show alongside its stars, has unveiled the arduous journey she undertook to land her role in the upcoming Netflix series Heeramandi. Despite being known as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece, Segal disclosed that she underwent a staggering 16 auditions for the part. Kapil Sharma didn’t hold back, questioning, “Did they really audition you, or did you merely get the advantage of the uncle-niece bond?” Segal calmly responded, confirming the numerous rounds of auditions she went through, emphasizing, “I prepared for a year and gave 16 auditions for the role.”

Last week, Segal took to social media to share images from her appearance test, shedding light on her portrayal of Mallikajaan’s daughter, Alamzeb, in the series. Captioning the photos as “Alamzeb look tests” along with a few emojis, Segal offered fans a glimpse into her preparation process.

However, despite her dedication and effort, Segal has found herself the target of online trolling following the debut of Heeramandi on Netflix. Criticism has been directed towards her perceived “expressionless” performance. In response to the abuse, Segal took the step of deactivating the comments section on her Instagram posts. This isn’t the first time she has faced backlash; a previous photoshoot for a magazine garnered similar negative responses.

Commenters on her posts expressed their dissatisfaction with her portrayal, with one remarking, “I really don’t like her as Alam… no expression, same expression?” Another criticized the casting decision, stating, “SLB cast his wooden, expressionless niece, but Alamzeb was such a gorgeous character. There was a yawn fest every time she appeared on screen. Disliked her completely.”

Despite the criticism, Segal’s determination and resilience shine through, underscoring the challenges faced by actors, even those with connections in the industry.

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